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Improving Progress: A Look into the Experiences of Employees of the Growing Resilience Project

Welsh, Ariella
This project addresses and assesses what it was like working at the Growing Resilience project data collection site for the permanent and temporary employees; furthermore, these findings are used to demonstrate what works effectively and what needs changed in regards to the undergraduate research assistants. The Growing Resilience project is an NIH funded, community-based research project that uses home gardens in the Wind River Reservation in Fremont County, Wyoming to determine the effects these home gardens have on participants’ health (Growing Resilience, 2018). It includes interviews of other members of the Growing Resilience team; more specifically, interviews of undergraduate research assistants and the GR project manager about their experiences working at the GR Data Collection site. I am highlighting the differences and similarities in our shared experience and the interview with the project manager is used for for more insight. The people I interview includes 3 undergraduate student research assistants as well as 1 undergraduate supervisor/project manager. In August 2018, 5 UW students (including myself) staffed 5 days of health data collection. I am exploring the importance and significance in knowing and understanding people’s previous experiences and community history and background and how these factors can affect the workplace environment with a group of people who historically have been marginalized. I am discussing the differences in people’s experience working the project based on their previous experiences and life events, including my own. Furthermore, the data collected helps provide more information into understanding why there is significance in understanding research assistants (RAs) backgrounds, stigmas, ideas, and judgments and then using that information to inform others on future education to ensure that the data collection site is a welcoming place.
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cultural humility,cultural competency,Wind River Indian Reservation
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