Multi Object Tracker via G.P.S. through Wireless Communication

Siedschlag, Jeremy
Stackhouse, Jonathan
In Woodsball, a variant of paintball, players form teams and attempt to accomplish various objectives while in the middle of wooded areas. Since the area of play can be vast, team members have the potential to get lost or take a suboptimal route that leads them the longer way to an objective, thus making it hard for strategies to be executed properly. This can be avoided if every team member knows where each other is for the duration of the game. Rather than spending time training members of a team on how to use a map and compass, a more efficient method would be to use a GPS enabled device that can not only track one person's position but also the positions of the other party members as well. Such a device will use GPS to track its own coordinates and send that same in formation, using wireless communication, to similar devices. Information received will be processed by a microcontroller and displayed on a screen as dots, giving the player a better sense of where their teammates are, in relation to themselves. Our proposed system will help to prevent players from getting lost and allow for better execution of strategies.
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