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Rodeo Event, Cheyenne, Wyo., A

A RODEO EVENT. In Cheyenne a Wild-West show is given each year. It is called Frontier Days. The most interesting part of the show is the rodeo. The riding of the backing bronchos is only one event at the rodeo. Prizes are given to the best riders. Other events are the roping and the branding of calves and steers. Rodeos are held only in a few places. The one at Cheyenne, which lasts almost a week, is the best known, and it usually attracts a large crowd. The rodeo reminds us of the "dude ranch." This is a ranch where paying guests, usually from the eastern cities, are taken. Its name comes from the cowboys' custom of calling men from the east or from the cities dudes. The guests are provided with guides and horses so that they may take long rides over the prairies or up into the mountains. Some hunting and fishing is done. Various entertainments in the way of games and shooting matches are provided. Many city people enjoy a week or two on a dude ranch as a part of their vacation. Today the owners of some ranches make more money from their paying guests than they do from their cattle.
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