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Social Media and Celebrities: Changing Messages Across Different Platforms

Williams, Shayla Rose
With the prevalence of social media in today's society, it is not surprising that many celebrities use those sites to build their personal brand. This study is a look into how celebrities use two different social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram. Platforms of reality TV stars were compared for how interpersonal relationships were portrayed on each, as well as how relationships were used to build each celebrity's personal brand. Over the course of this study it was revealed that Twitter is used to direct interaction with fans, while Instagram is used to portray relationships with those a celebrity knows personally. These relationships were used to build the brand of celebrities by revealing whom the celebrity surrounds his or her self with. Promotional posts were also used in depth to build the personal brand of the celebrity.
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social media,celebrities,interpersonal relationships,brand,Twitter,Instagram,Social Media
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