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90 Minutes of Entertainment, Months of Planning, a Lifetime of Memories

Bartlett, Michelle
Someone walks down the street and sees an advertisement that catches their eye, and they think that they might want to attend the event. They buy tickets and anxiously await the affair. The day comes and they walk through the front doors and hand their ticket to the attendant, then stop by the concessions stand for popcorn, and find their seats. They watch the show and enjoy their 90 minutes of entertainment and return home. For the spectator, that's the end of the experience. However, for the people behind the scenes, it is far more intensive, there are months of planning, collaborating, rehearsing, communicating, and time that goes into the mere 90 minutes of any event. This personal narrative will allow the reader to have a better understanding of the work that goes on behind the scenes, and inform the reader about the processes of event planning through my personal experience as an event production intern. An event will leave the spectator with a small 90 minute satisfaction, but it leaves the event planner with a lifetime of experience and memories that they will never forget.
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