Shakespeare in a Trunk

Higgins, Sean
Arguably the most influential writer ever to lay pen to paper, the works of William Shakespeare continues to shape and sculpt the literary world on the page. Although his text is powerful on the page, it is even more so when brought to life on the stage. The art of storytelling, through acting, helps to dispel the fear associated with the feelings that Shakespeare is convoluted or complex, and instead makes it accessible to audiences of all ages. "Shakespeare in a Trunk" is designed to infuse the young peoples of Wyoming with Shakespeare by opening their ears to the language. Our tour brings Shakespeare's words to life in communities which have had little exposure to this important text using just a handful of actors and a trunk of props. Through educational workshops and performances, we will break down barriers, so that the youth can start to pick up, understand, dissect, and hopefully enjoy the works of this great author.
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