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Components of a Proper Warm-up For Active Adolescents: A Literature Review

Marcus, Caitlin C.
Background: Through a previous project my goal was to research and understand cultural identity. Through that project I found I wanted to help as many people as I can and it became a goal to research the adolescent age group. Body: The purpose of this project was to review existing literature and come to a conclusion about proper warm-up components and techniques in adolescent sports and physical activity that help to lower the chance of injuries. The leading cause of injury in adolescents is sports, so the focus is to help decrease the amount of injuries in adolescent sports. Methods: Articles used in this review include those with both females and males participating in diverse sports, recreational and intermediate level sports, as well as physical education class level of activity. Results and Conclusion: A structured dynamic warm-up led by an adult is the most beneficial warm-up for preventing adolescent injuries. The warm-up should consist of stretching, strengthening, balance, sport-specific agility, and landing techniques. This will prepare the body for the specific sport or exercise. The literature on this topic is a good foundation but much more research focused on gender differences and different level of competition still needs to be completed.
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