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Fostering Technology-Rich Service-Learning Experiences between School Librarians and Teacher Education Programs

Shepherd, Craig E.
Dousay, Tonia
Kvenild, Cassandra
Meredith, Tamara
Service learning provides an authentic outlet for learners to apply knowledge and skills. More specifically, Joseph A. Erickson and Jeffrey B. Anderson defined service learning as a way to combine community service with academic expectations (1997). Anderson later referred to service learning as both an educational philosophy and instructional method (1998). Service learning offers a wide variety of potential activities. Volunteer and community service are at one end of the spectrum while internships and field-based activities are at the other. Thus, forming a partnership between the teacher education program and a service participant is a cornerstone to implementing service learning. Do not get discouraged when setbacks arise. Focus on your goals for service-learning partnerships. Take time to identify and celebrate small victories as the process moves forward. To maintain stakeholders' commitment to the partnership and help them realize their contributions have a positive effect, remind them of the progress being made. Ultimately, enjoy the experience as you see it emerge over time.
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