MaxForce Designs Novel Compound Bow

Faulkner, Lance
Hazelett, Joel
Jack, Jordan
Ward, Tyler
The Novel Compound Bow design was created to reduce the draw force supplied by the archer in half by increasing the effective draw length. This will allow for easier draws on bows that normally require higher draw weights. A gearbox that enables a 2 to 1 draw weight reduction will be attached to a compound bow. To use the bow, the archer will first draw a ripcord from the gearbox twice to pre-compress the limbs. The limbs will then stay pre-compressed while the archer hunts. When the time comes to fire the arrow, the bow string will be drawn and easily fired as a regular bow. The design was created to appeal to avid archers who want to use high energy limbs to create greater arrow velocities without doubling the required draw weight. This same design will also allow the youth and handicapped the ability to operate low draw weight bows that meet state archery hunting regulations. MaxForce Designs modified a 60 pound draw weight bow to reduce the draw weight to 30 pounds. The same design will be applied by the project sponsor to use on 140 pound limbs in an attempt to produce a 400 feet per second arrow velocity.
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