Charlton 30/31 Field Development Project

Barsotti, Elizabeth
Monroe, Charles Cole
Segrave, James
Turner, Darren
Weigel, Mitch
It is clear from well logs and information available in the literature for the seven wells in the Charlton 30/31 Field that the field is not producing optimally. Located in Otsego County, Michigan, the Charlton 30/31 Field contains wells that, though drilled more than thirty years ago, have produced relatively small quantities of oil. To increase oil production from the field, the locations of new wells are proposed based on the analysis of both a static and a dynamic model. The static model was built to indicate high permeability, high porosity zones for potential well sites, while the dynamic model was constructed to simulate the productivity of the potential well sites. Monetary profit and environmental impact are also analyzed to ensure true optimization of the field.
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