Technology Use and Intimate Relationships Among College Students: Conflict Styles and Relationship Satisfaction

Moran, Sean
As more college students are experiencing intimate relationships for the first time, there are factors that also may influence the relationship. One factor that is not greatly discussed is that of technology and how emerging adults are considered a target audience for the rising technology in the country. Some background utilized for this study included conflict styles such as resolution and avoidance as well as other mediums used in intimate relationships to convey emotions such as written messages. Previous thoughts on technology have been focused on the negative side of how it could harm relationships, but not enough research shows whether this is true or false. The methods will be targeting a group of college-aged students at UW and asking some quantitative and qualitative questions focusing on amount of technology use while with partner, how it was used, and relationship satisfaction. Some of the expected findings include the fact that many students will have had mixed interactions where technology may have proven harmful or has helped in communication. This research will help in better understanding the impact of the technological age on emerging relationships and how it can be better incorporated for positive relationship building.
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