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Minerva Terrace, Mammoth Springs Hotel and Fort Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., U.S.A.

MINERVA TERRACE, YELLOWSTONE PARK. Passing by Old Liberty Cap and ascending the hillside a few rods, we come to Minerva Terraces. For many years this was the most beautiful series of springs, with the most charming formation, in the entire series. The terraces, as a whole, protruded boldly but gracefully from the mountain side; each separate pool of water was a rich gem, as to tint and setting, and the margin of each pool was bewitchingly delicate, both in structure and color. The perpendicular walls--or "risers," as a stair-builder would call them--were elegantly carved, fluted, beaded, and grouped, and every imaginable color, shade, and tint, from alabaster white to jet black--and in most artistic combination--delighted the eye and charmed the soul. but a few years ago the throats of nearly al the separate pools of the Minerva Springs became so small that the water supply was insufficient. Accordingly, the colors began to fade and the delicate structure began to crumble into dust. Those who had repeatedly visited the park mourned the passing of Minerva Terraces. But recently the waters have broken forth again, through cracks near the old openings, and it seems probable that Minerva will awaken to a new life and become once more "a thing of beauty" and the delight of thousands of tourists who shall visit the park. She may fail of complete recuperation, for other springs in the vicinity may have fully established a claim to the waters that Minerva once enjoyed.
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Photography,Stereoscopic,Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming
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