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Implementing a Medical Program for Children’s Relief International

Ebersberger, Jenni
Children’s Relief International (CRI) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to take the Light of Christ to the poor in Africa and India. Currently, there is no medical program associated with CRI. In this paper, the relationship between poverty and health conditions in CRI partnership countries such as Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Nigeria, and India are investigated. These third world countries are poverty stricken, which has a direct effect on adverse health (Wagstaff, 2002). For example, poor countries tend to have worse health outcomes related to nutrition, environmental exposure, chronic illness, and language development as compared to wealthier countries (Khullar & Chokshi, 2018). Given the present conditions in CRI’s partner countries, there is a clear need for medical aid. Other organizations with a similar vision to provide healthcare to rural areas in Africa, like FAME, will be considered when addressing the development of CRI’s medical program (fameafrica.org). Specifically, the implementation of a basic mobile medical clinic will be investigated. A medical program for Children’s Relief International would benefit the people in CRI’s specific partnering locations, providing medical care for local impoverished residents.
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