Prevalence of Secondary Traumatic Stress in PrimaryCaregivers of Children in the Wyoming Foster Care System

Tratos, Michaela
Secondary traumatic stress is a subject that has been researched in medical and social work professions immensely. One specific area of interest has been in the effects of working with foster care children on clinical professionals. Although many studies have found high levels of self-reported secondary trauma in case workers and therapists who work with foster children, prevalence rates of secondary traumatic stress in primary caregivers of foster children have not been determined. However, as primary caregivers are the main adults involved in day to day activities and care of foster children, it is important to understand if these caregivers experience secondary trauma so that, if there is a prevalence of secondary trauma, primary caregivers of foster children can be provided with the appropriate resources and services. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine the prevalence of secondary trauma in primary care givers of children in the Wyoming Foster Care System using the Secondary Traumatic Stress Survey. Primary caregivers will be asked to complete the anonymous online survey. Results will be discussed in terms of prevalence rates in Wyoming, comparisons to rates in other populations (e.g., case workers, therapists), and implications for future research and practice.
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