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Giant Geyser Cone-Largest Geyser in the World, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., U.S.A.

B.L. Singley,
GIANT GEYSER CONE, LARGEST GEYSER IN THE WORLD, YELLOWSTONE PARK. There are hundreds of "craters," large and small, in the Upper Geyser Basin. Some of them are but a few inches in diameter, while others are several feet across. Some of the openings are simply circular or irregular holes in the surface of the formation, while others are mounds or domes or cones, more or less symmetrical and varying exceedingly in size, shape, structure, and color. Some are as smooth and as delicately tinted as pearl; others are as rough as coarse sand paper or sponge. Regardless of consistency in the matter of finish, some of the roughest structures may have the richest of coloring. Here, as at Mammoth Hot Springs, the colors range through all known shades and tints, from delicate white to jet black. Some of the springs, pools, or wells (whatever we may choose to call them) are habitually pulsating or throbbing; others boil moderately; others, violently; while others are true geysers which, with more or less regularity, discharge varying quantities of hot or boiling water. The Giant Geyser is one of the larger and more interesting of the twenty gushers that dot the surface of the Upper Basin, and it has--as this view shows--a most intersting crater.
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Photography,Stereoscopic,Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming
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