Portable Power Station

Almoallem, Mahmood Said
Almoallem, Mohammad Said
Many people are disappointed when the gas or diesel of power generator runs out in picnics or camping, and when it works it's costly, noisy, dusty and smoky, which make them cannot sleep and relax. Our senior design project will offer to the user relaxation time in many areas, such as do not have to pay for gas or diesel and no noise or smoke. Basically, it's save to environment. The project uses wind turbine to provide power to whole system with total wattage of 200 [W] then will store it to a battery using charger controller. Our system will have two outputs 110 [VAC] at 60 [Hz] and 5 [VDC] for USB. Also, the user will have full description of what is going on in the system such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, usage power and the system will tell whether the battery is dead or there is not enough wind speed to generate the required power. The user will be able to move the station anywhere, it's portable. Most importantly, the user could use the station to turn on a TV set and/or lamp and also could charge his/her cellphone or IPod.
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