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Exploring the Impact of Art as Psychotherapy

Bergman, Tiffany
Art therapy is the intersection of creativity, psychological theory, and human experience. The relationship between creativity and psychotherapy allows for heightened expressions of the self, as well as provide an outlet for the psyche in ways that do not require words. The basic design of this project is leading three separate art therapy sessions over an online video conference, with three participants creating a collage of things they care most about while simultaneously engaging in conversation related to emotional and mental wellbeing. Each participant was required to take a pre-session and post-session survey that provided more context on their individual experiences in therapy throughout their lives, as well as on their experience within this project. Through anecdotal information obtained from the pre-session and post-session surveys, it can be suggested that art therapy is a powerful approach to psychotherapy.
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art,art therapy,psychology,psychotherapy,creativity,counseling,therapy,mental health
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