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Creating The Match: A Journey into Multi-Genre Filmmaking

Box, Riley Christopher
Ever since I was young, I have been interested in film. For this Capstone Project I wanted to analyze film techniques and genres whilst also doing something creative. I am very intrigued with genres that seemingly do not work together or have not had much of a history together. I chose the genres: Film Noir, Sports Drama, and Dry Comedy. Through my research I have been able to find certain films that mix in two of the three genres listed but not all three. In order to prepare for this project, I created an idea: Sports Noir Drama that has comedic twist. I read articles on genre, read a book called Film Noir and Screwball Comedy: Unexpected Connections, and watched over eight films in order to research for this project. I found that Film Noir is connected to Screwball Comedy almost entirely. My goal was to see if I could match Film Noir and Dry Comedy (No jokes or Gags) in which the comedy relies solely on the premise.  After taking filming methods and techniques from Noir films, I crafted my own story. I wrote the script and filmed my film over the span of a few weeks. I focused on integrating these genres together in a way rarely seen to focus on whether or not this style legitimately works. Similarly, I learned what it takes to make, plan, and prepare a short film on my own. This project is aimed to see if my interpretations and research paid off.
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