Noninvasive Insulin Therapy using Microneedle Perforation and Iontophoresis

McConnell, Josh
McKim, Kaitlyn
In the past decades, diabetes has become widespread among the U.S. population. As of 2011, nearly 26 million individuals had the disease, and this number will continue to grow. Currently, insulin-dependent diabetics have few treatment options. Essentially all individuals rely on subcutaneous insulin delivery (administration beneath the skin via hypodermic needle or catheter), which can be unpleasant to use, leading to reduced patient compliance. Our proposed transdermal system uses a minimally-invasive method to deliver insulin: skin is treated with an array of microneedles and subsequent insulin transport through the skin is actively facilitated via iontophoresis. The device consists of a disposable patch containing a microneedle array, a reusable control module, and software for wireless control of the insulin delivery via mobile electronic device. Together, these components create a device that will be an attractive alternative to pumps and hypodermic needles not only because operation of the device is painless, but also because of its convenience and cost effectiveness.
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