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From A Satellite Writing Center To Resource Creation

posted on 18.05.2021, 17:53 by Mary Anne RidenourMary Anne Ridenour
The University of Wyoming Writing Center strives to serve as many clients across the university as possible. Through this project, the goal was to create a sustainable partnership with UW Student Athletics to bring a Writing Center tutor to their tutoring services. A partnership would combat the low student athlete usage rates, create an opportunity to discuss the types of services the Writing Center provides with a new student population, and provide a framework for sustainable partnerships in the future. However, difficulties with COVID-19 and staff turnover in Student Athletics brought an end to this partnership. As a result, the project was pivoted to create sustainable resources for English 1010 students and all Writing Center clients. These resources were generated based on the responses of a survey of English 1010 Instructors and combat the issue of staff turnover within the Writing Center as they can be utilized for many years to come.



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