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Asynchronous Video as a Means to Facilitate Instructor Social Presence: A Case Study

posted on 09.05.2019, 00:00 authored by Lori Austill
Nearly two decades of research have confirmed that the Community of Inquiry framework still has enormous potential to guide future approaches, strategies, and technologies in online learning (Cleveland-Innes, Garrison & Vaughan, 2018). In order to ensure that a Community of Inquiry exists in their online courses, it is suggested that instructors utilize technology-mediated communication as a means to establish social presence. One communication method that is often used is instructor-created asynchronous videos which can be used at the beginning of a course as an introduction to the instructor. Drawing on the experiences of five online instructors, this case study documented the importance of establishing relationships with students in online courses and the benefits of using asynchronous video as a means to facilitate instructor social presence. The data also identified the level of technological support needed by faculty teaching online; the personal challenges with making introductions and revealing one’s true self through video; and practical advice to faculty on how to get started using asynchronous video in the online classroom.



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