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Architecture Engineering Developments

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posted on 2021-11-15, 18:57 authored by Paul Drake, Bren Rasmussen, Libby Bales, Nic Delach, Amanda Lange, Lindsey Wessel, Matt Oolman, Karan Manhas, Humoud Alhaini, Gabrielle McMorrow
This presentation will demonstrate some of the buildings, structural frames, mechanical systems, and infrastructure I worked on for my Architectural Engineering Senior Design projects. The first included an 80-story skyscraper and plaza. For the project, the leaning design had to be resolved architecturally with complete and detailed renderings of the building. Then the preliminary structural and mechanical systems had to be developed and modeled. My second project includes designing the full structural system for a low-rise office building. The third project includes fully designing and analyzing a Net-zero multi-family building being designed for a competition in Portland, Oregon. My third project is research I have done concerning urban heat islands and city-wide infrastructure. This includes commentary about the design process, the energy saving measures, and reaching a net-zero energy use intensity. For the projects, various software packages were used to model the building, estimate the interaction to the surrounding climate, and analyze specific functionalities of the building. These analyses included computational-fluid dynamic airflow analysis to view how air flows through and around buildings, solar daylighting analysis which is required for LEED accreditation, and advanced parametric design strategies for unique architectural structures. The final project included performing these analysis on a typical three story office building located in India.



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