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Research Station's Place in History, The

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posted on 2021-11-15, 18:55 authored by Lenore Diem
The July 14, 1978 Dedication of the University of Wyoming—National Park Service Research Center not only commemorates the establishment of facilities in a new location, it also marks 1) the beginning of a new era in the evolution of research in National Parks; 2) a strengthening of an established research association between the National Park Service and the University of Wyoming; and 3) the improving of coordination between Federal, State and private research projects associated with the National Park areas of Montana, North and South Dakota and Wyoming. Also, several important events have set the stage for this occasion. Thirty years ago the first wildlife research program in this area was established as part of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Park. Twenty-eight years ago the Jackson Hole Research Station became the first such facility in a National Park. Twenty-five years ago the New York Zoological Society and the University of Wyoming undertook joint sponsorship of the renamed Jackson Hole Biological Research Station. Seven years ago the Yellowstone Environmental Research Center program was jointly established by the University of Wyoming and the National Park Service. One year ago that program was merged with the Research Station to form the Research Center. Numerous individuals and several organizations have contributed in various ways to the development and success of the historical research program. One hundred seventy-eight researchers representing 60 academic or research institutions published 205 scientific articles based on their Research Station studies. Special recognition is given to Mr. Laurance Rockefeller, Dr. Fairfield Osborn, the New York Zoological Society, Mr. James Simon, Dr. L. Floyd Clarke, Dr. Oscar Paris, the Honorable Clifford P. Hansen, the University of Wyoming and the National Park Service for their strong support of the Research Station and its research program. On this special occasion, the excitement of the moment and the promise of the future should not overshadow our reflections of how we reached this stage of the research program development. Consequently, this Dedication seemed an appropriate time to present a historical narrative about people, places and events which have influenced the character of the new Research Center. More out of necessity than desire, the account was confined to the history of the general area along the Snake River between the Buffalo Fork confluence and the River outlet of Jackson Lake. In addition to recounting long forgotten events, the following historical account seeks to share with the Research Station's friends and associates the many memorable events which were so much a part of the Station's history.







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