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Swing Dance: Perseverance of Culture

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posted on 2021-11-15, 18:27 authored by Morgan L. Marks
Throughout history, people have danced. Different dances come into and then go out of style, but one particular dance style has remained popular for nearly a century: Swing dance. Unlike the dances whose popularity fades after a short time, Swing's popularity continues to grow both nationally and internationally. A Swing aficionado will find like-minded individuals in most developed countries. Swing is also popular the local level: the University of Wyoming has a Swing club, which offers free lessons and social dancing each week and has a competitive dance team. My involvement in this club includes: teaching, which perpetuates the style; dancing socially, which allows me to experience the dance; and competing and performing, which has an entirely different mentality than social dance. I argue that Swing Dance continues to thrive due to a combination of its unique history and development; the development and popularization of Swing and Jazz music; the adaptability inherent in the dance; and the rebellious, society-changing nature of Swing. With an ethnography of my experience with Swing dance, I will discuss how these aspects relate to the Swing culture today and how this will allow Swing to maintain its popularity in the future.







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