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2022 ADHD Testing Effect Dataset

posted on 2022-08-19, 21:04 authored by Meredith Minear, Jennifer Coane

These data are from a study examining the testing effect in college students with ADHD and those without ADHD. N =72, 36 individuals with ADHD to 36 without. Participants studied Swahili-English word pairs that varied in difficulty. Half of the pairs were repeatedly studied and the other half repeatedly tested. On a final test, all participants showed a benefit of retrieval practice relative to restudy and participant status did not moderate the effect. However, unmedicated individuals with ADHD performed worse overall, both during the encoding phase and on the final test, while medicated participants were not significantly different from controls. An examination of self-reported encoding strategies found unmedicated participants used fewer deep strategies at encoding, consistent with prior work on ADHD and memory



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